When is the best time for Beauty Sleep?

It is no secret that a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health and beautiful skin. But does this mean that sleeping 8 hours from 6am to 2pm will give us a flawless complexion? Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

As humans we are diurnal. This means that we are affected by daylight. Our body repairs itself best between the hours of 10pm to 2am. During this period, the body will experience a peak of growth hormones, which will be lowered if sleep is delayed. Growth hormones are crucial for the repair and maintenance of our body. Besides growth hormones, other affected hormones include raised cortisol levels (the stress hormone), a reduced thyroid stimulating hormone, an increased ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and a reduced leptin (appetite suppressant) to name a few.

To switch our sleep pattern from the suggested time above, will affect our health, which in turn will result in poor skin texture and tired and dehydrated skin. So for good health, remember to watch your sleeping patterns. A good night’s sleep will result in not only better health but a more radiant and beautiful you!

This is because of lack of sleep, which leaves skin dehydrated, aged and tired. This is why it is so important to ensure you get a good night’s rest, every night. Putting on a good face mask such as EHA CO2 treatment pack follow by EHA moisturising gel during the day and EHA Restore at night can help you maintain and even improve your  skin, do not forget to use the EHA moisturising eye gel to ensure the delicate skin around your eyes stays hydrated

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