How to select the most suitable moisturiser?

Besides sunscreen, the next most important skin care products would be a good moisturiser. It may be impossible to name the best moisturiser as there is no ‘one size fit all’. The correct question will be to ask what is the best moisturiser for my skin type and for the current climate.

In our hot and humid climate in Singapore, go for a water based moisturiser with hyaluronic acid. Other useful ingredients include Dimethicone to lock in the moisture and anti-oxidants such as extracts from soya bean, algae and evening primrose, and Vitamin C.

For the aged skin, especially if you like to sleep in an air-conditioned room, a more hydrating moisturiser at night may be needed. Germ oil, lavender oil or glycerin may be added.

Cream based or oil based moisturisers are only needed in those with severe dryness or damaged skin such as those with active eczematous lesion or ichthyosis.

Crystal Tomato and Crystal Clear

For the longest time in history, having fair and clear complexion is synonymous with beauty. On top of all the machines and products available on the shelves, the latest most effective treatment that is taking the world by storm is Crystal Tomato and Crystal Clear.

Crystal tomato is taken orally and takes about 4-8 weeks to see the effect. It has strong anti-oxidant effect to reduce the damage of sunlight and also convert the darker eu-melanin to the lighten coloured phae-melanin.

Crystal Clear is a topical application and is excellent in removing the superficial pigmentation.

The importance of moisturiser in acne prone skin

There is an ongoing myth that acne prone skin does not or should not use moisturiser! While it may sound reasonable, it does not really work. In fact, the lack of moisturiser may worsen the acne.

This is especially pronounced if you are using medicated cleanser and medications(topical/oral) for acne which cause skin dryness. The dryness will trigger more sebum production and hence worsen the situation of comedones.

So if you are using medicated cleanser and/or acne medication such as topical salicylate or oral isotretinoin, remember to put on your moisturiser!

The question to ask is which moisturiser to use. A good ingredient to seek is hyaluronic acid and gel based moisturiser, especially in a humid environment like in Singapore.

So slap on some moisturiser every day and night!

Applying sunscreen the right way!

It is important to apply the sunscreen correctly to ensure sufficient protection! Find out more about the optimal way to apply sunscreen by clicking here.

When is the best time for Beauty Sleep?

It is no secret that a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health and beautiful skin. But does this mean that sleeping 8 hours from 6am to 2pm will give us a flawless complexion? Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

As humans we are diurnal. This means that we are affected by daylight. Our body repairs itself best between the hours of 10pm to 2am. During this period, the body will experience a peak of growth hormones, which will be lowered if sleep is delayed. Growth hormones are crucial for the repair and maintenance of our body. Besides growth hormones, other affected hormones include raised cortisol levels (the stress hormone), a reduced thyroid stimulating hormone, an increased ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and a reduced leptin (appetite suppressant) to name a few.

To switch our sleep pattern from the suggested time above, will affect our health, which in turn will result in poor skin texture and tired and dehydrated skin. So for good health, remember to watch your sleeping patterns. A good night’s sleep will result in not only better health but a more radiant and beautiful you!

This is because of lack of sleep, which leaves skin dehydrated, aged and tired. This is why it is so important to ensure you get a good night’s rest, every night. Putting on a good face mask such as EHA CO2 treatment pack follow by EHA moisturising gel during the day and EHA Restore at night can help you maintain and even improve your  skin, do not forget to use the EHA moisturising eye gel to ensure the delicate skin around your eyes stays hydrated