EHA Hydra PH Cleansing Gel

Meet your skin’s new BFF – the Hydra pH Cleansing Gel. Why? Because keeping your skin’s pH level happy at 5.5 is the key to a healthy natural lipid barrier.

Maintaining your skin’s pH level at a harmonious 5.5 is the golden rule for a healthy natural lipid barrier. Picture it as your skin’s own protective shield, keeping it resilient and ready to face the world. When your skin’s pH is off-kilter, it becomes vulnerable – hello, irritations, breakouts, and all sorts of unwanted guests. The Hydra pH Cleansing Gel takes charge, ensuring your skin’s pH stays in the sweet spot. So, you’re not just cleansing; you’re safeguarding your skin’s fortress, leaving it soft, bright, and ready to conquer the day. Because when it comes to skincare, balance is the name of the game. Cheers to happy skin! 

But that’s not all – this powerhouse gel not only softens and whitens your skin but also plays superhero by preventing the nasty build-up of dirt, keratin, sebum, and those pesky environmental pollutants.

Wave goodbye to impurities! The Hydra pH Cleansing Gel works its magic by effectively cleansing and hydrating your skin. No tightness, no irritation – just pure, radiant goodness.

And here’s the bonus – it suits all skin types, plus it’s irritant-free. Your skin will thank you by feeling more supple, brighter, and oh-so-moisturised.


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