The importance of moisturiser in acne prone skin

There is an ongoing myth that acne prone skin does not or should not use moisturiser! While it may sound reasonable, it does not really work. In fact, the lack of moisturiser may worsen the acne.

This is especially pronounced if you are using medicated cleanser and medications(topical/oral) for acne which cause skin dryness. The dryness will trigger more sebum production and hence worsen the situation of comedones.

So if you are using medicated cleanser and/or acne medication such as topical salicylate or oral isotretinoin, remember to put on your moisturiser!

The question to ask is which moisturiser to use. A good ingredient to seek is hyaluronic acid and gel based moisturiser, especially in a humid environment like in Singapore.

So slap on some moisturiser every day and night!

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