How to select the most suitable moisturiser?

Besides sunscreen, the next most important skin care products would be a good moisturiser. It may be impossible to name the best moisturiser as there is no ‘one size fit all’. The correct question will be to ask what is the best moisturiser for my skin type and for the current climate.

In our hot and humid climate in Singapore, go for a water based moisturiser with hyaluronic acid. Other useful ingredients include Dimethicone to lock in the moisture and anti-oxidants such as extracts from soya bean, algae and evening primrose, and Vitamin C.

For the aged skin, especially if you like to sleep in an air-conditioned room, a more hydrating moisturiser at night may be needed. Germ oil, lavender oil or glycerin may be added.

Cream based or oil based moisturisers are only needed in those with severe dryness or damaged skin such as those with active eczematous lesion or ichthyosis.

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