Heliocare 360 capsules (30 Capsules/Box)

An oral supplement that provides protection against blue light, infrared radiation-A, UVB and UVA.

Heliocare 360º capsule, is your daily must-have to protect you both indoors and outdoors. It has been proven that blue light from digital screens such as laptops, mobile phones, telelvisions, LED and fluorescent lights, as well as sun light can accelerate skin ageing, and cause the development of dark spots.

Heliocare 360º capsules provide your skin with additional anti-oxidant sun protection when used in conjunction with topical sunscreen.

It does not however replace the need of topical sunscreen, topical sunscreen is still your first line of defence against harmful UV rays.

Suitable for daily consumption for protection against blue light (indoor) and sun exposure. Gluten-free. Vegetable-based capsules.


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