EHA Gentle Cleanse

Introducing EHA Gentle Cleanse: your skin’s new best friend, straight from the heart of France. Say goodbye to harsh cleansers and hello to a gentle touch that’ll leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Crafted with care, our secret? A sophisticated blend of mild anionic surfactants that work their magic, forming tiny, invisible microspheres. No need for soap or facial wash—this cleanser does it all.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does it sweep away makeup, even the water-resistant stuff, but it also hydrates and calms your skin. That’s right, it’s a moisturiser and cleanser in one, because who has time for extra steps?

Thanks to a dream team of Xylitol and Glycerin, your skin gets the royal treatment without the sticky aftermath. No more uncomfortable residue—just a fresh, comfortable glow.

Sensitive, reactive, or intolerant skin? We’ve got you covered. Our soap, paraben, and alcohol-free formula are designed to soothe, not sting. And guess what? It’s gentle enough for your delicate eye area too.

So, whether you’re battling redness or just want to pamper your skin, EHA Gentle Cleanse is here to save the day. Try it now and say hello to your happiest, healthiest skin yet.


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