Arnika Vegetable Capsules (14 vegetable capsule)

Arnika Forte™ vegetable capsules work within the body to decrease bruising and swelling.

Each capsule contains 100mg Broelain (proteolytic enzyme to help dissolve the bruise by digesting the proteins within the bruise), 100mg Arnica Montana 30x (an anti-inflammatory agent), Bioflavonids (helps strengthen the capillary wall, which reduce the extent and duration of bruising), and 240mg Vitamin C (antioxidant).

The synergistic effect of these ingredients together at homeopathic strengths has been shown to speed the headling time by up to 50%.

The vegetable-based capsules are completely lactose-free (unlike other Arnika Montana products) making them easy to digest and be quickly absorbed into the system.


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