HIFU Plus – Non-surgical facelifts

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or more commonly known as HIFU is a remarkable breakthrough in technology, offering a truly non-invasive alternative to a surgical facelift. HIFU uses the power of Ultrasound to safely lift and tighten skin and involves no surgery and no injections. Being a form of energy that is very different from light such as IPL and Radio-Frequency energy, HIFU is able to protect the skin surface whilst precisely penetrating at deeper depths.

The targeted tissue is heated to ~65°C, creating both spaced wounds and cellular friction which in turns stimulate collagen regeneration and production. Over the next 90 – 180 days, the regenerative response stimulates long-term tissue and leads to further lifting and tightening, with results that can last years.

HIFU can be used around the eyes, as well as the face, neck and jawline.

What are the benefits of HIFU?

Low Downtime, Comfortable and Pain-Free

HIFU is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to a surgical face lift. During the treatment, there is no need for anaesthesia or sedation, nor there is any incisions or risk of infection. The whole procedure is comfortable and painless with results that can be felt with just one treatment. The results can last for 6 to 12 months.

It is aimed at reducing crow’s feet, drooping eyelids, sagging skin along the jawline.  (Individual results may vary according to existing condition).

What do I have to do before my treatment?

A consultation is necessary to determine your condition and allow us to assess our requirements. This will help us understand what results you are looking for so we can find the solution suitable for your needs. Contact us at skincare@eha.com.sg for a non-obligatory consultation.

How long is the treatment and which area is HIFU used for?

The duration of the treatment is dependent on the area treated, but an average of 30 minutes is used per area. Your treatment will be customized according to your requirements discussed during consultation.

The results that we can hope to achieve from HIFU are:

  • Increased elastin & production of Collagen
  • Rejuvenates skin cells
  • Lifting and tightening
  • Improves, firms & tightens sagging skin
  • Eyelid hood reduction
  • Nasonabial fold reduction
  • Cheek, Jowl & Neck Tightening
  • Fine lines & Wrinkle reduction

When are results visible and how long does it last?

Some results can be seen immediately after post treatment, with optimum results expected from three to six months. Results will differ from individuals and their lifestyle, but on average can last from 6-12 months.

How many sessions are required?

The number of treatment sessions depends on your age and skin condition. One treatment is usually sufficient on light to moderate skin laxity.

Am I Suitable for HIFU treatment?

If you are looking to treat drooping skin or to have a facelift without surgery, you can consider HIFU plus treatment. Contact us at skincare@eha.com.sg for more information or fill in the form below!

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